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Patent Protected Technology 

OUT! is the only solution that can legitimately claim it consistently blocks unknown malicious software and viruses.

Why is OUT! a better solution?

  • There are no updates for each new threat.
  • No time spent keeping up to date on the latest virus definition files.
  • A completely self-contained solution that does not interfere with normal daily operations once installed.
  • Nothing to install, nothing to interfere with the way you work and play on you PC.
  • No need to wait for the AV (anti-virus) vendors to arrive at a solution.
  • No disruption of service or operations.
  • No loss of business.
  • OUT! assures that incoming files and outgoing files are not dangerous (less worry).
  • Elimination of extraordinary cleanup and man-hour costs needed to remove a virus once it gets into your PC.
  • There are no string searches which means we're ready before the virus hits.
  • There is no scanning.
  • A highly secure solution because it is self-contained.
  • No need to shut down email servers (or your PC) for each new alert.
  • Any software that infects, corrupts, destroys, alters or steals information from a PC is completely and irrevocably blocked.
  • Malicious software, when found, is quarantined and all information about the file down to IP addresses is saved with the file.
  • No need to install on multiple PCs.
  • Highly configurable, malleable service that can be tailored to an enterprise�s needs.
  • OUT! is the only behavior-based solution that blocks malicious software from entering your PC (or an enterprise) without ever having prior knowledge or information about such software (some kinda wonderful, now this is what we all wanted all along in a anti-badsoftware solution).

Best reason of all? An inexpensive solution (pennies a day) that brings you complete email peace of mind.