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Isn't it time you were freed from the worry of malicious email? We think so.

Our offering is very simple and very powerful. When you sign up, you will send us your current email address. Upon receipt of your order we will send you your CheckInMyEmail.Com email address and password. You will then inform your ISP (or email service provider) that you want your email forwarded to yourname@checkinmyemail.com.

We do the rest. Once your ISP starts forwarding your emails to us, emails are tested and then sent immediately right back to you. In less than a minute.

Click on a choice below, when you get to our secure payment page you will be asked to enter the email address you want to protect with the power of OUT! Please enter the email address correctly. Verification of your order and notification of your new CheckInMyEmail user name and password will be sent to the email address you enter. Remember: the email address you enter on the secure payment form is the email address you are protecting.


We invite you to look around the site. Understand the problem and understand our solution. Viruses effect everyone. There are now over 70,000 viruses and their variants, worms, trojans and whatever other moniker experts can give this unwanted software.

Do you really care whether you have a worm or a virus? The only thing any of us cares about is knowing we can trust the email we're about to open.