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Tutorials about Viruses, Hoaxes and Myths

About.Com What is a Virus?

About has some solid information for beginners or non-technical people who just would like to know what all the fuss is about. Some info is out of date but the links on the site are kept up to date.

Virus Bulletin: Great Source on Viruses and Anti-Virus Vendors

A valuable source of information on viruses. Virus Bulletin publishes on a regular basis an appraisal of different software products and how they fare.

Computer Virus Index  

haven't reviewed the information on this site.

Howstuffworks "How Computer Viruses Work"

haven't reviewed the information on this site.

Virus Information - CSRC

haven't reviewed the information on this site.


Myth/Hoax information

Virus Myths and Hoaxes



Virus Hoaxes and Netlore

We invite you to look around the site. Understand the problem and understand our solution. Viruses effect everyone. There are now over 70,000 viruses and their variants, worms, trojans and whatever other moniker experts can give this unwanted software.

Do you really care whether you have a worm or a virus? The only thing any of us cares about is knowing we can trust the email we're about to open.