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Frequently Asked Questions
Q.: How does it work?
A.: Very simply. You tell your ISP to forward your email to us. We, in turn, when we get email intended for you, process it looking for dangerous attachments and then forward the email on you to. 
Q.: This sounds like it's expensive?
A.: Not at all. For as little as $4.95 a month you can feel secure knowing that you don't have to worry any more about getting nasty stuff from your email. There are also 6-month and 12-month plans which will bring down the cost even further.
Q: What happens when a new virus hits the internet? Don't I need to be aware of it so I can shut down my computer?
A: Not at all! This is where OUT! is such a great solution. OUT! works on behaviors. When we get an email from you with an attachment, that attachment is sent through a series of tests to prove that it isn't dangerous in the slightest. If it fails a test, it will not get passed to you.
Q: Do I still want my other anti-virus software?
A: All security professionals will tell you you are better off with more than one solution residing on your computer. It would be irresponsible of us to tell you to throw away any existing solutions.
Q: But if I already have an anti-virus package why do I need OUT!?
A: This is a great question, in fact, it's the $64,000 question. The answer is this: when a new virus hits the Internet, anti-virus companies must get a copy, analyze it, derive a solution and publish the solution to the Web. You in turn have to download it BEFORE you get your email. 

If you don't have the latest version of your vendor's software, you can be compromised. The sad fact is that while over 90% of PC users on the Internet have anti-virus software installed, 67% don't update regularly and many have turned off their software.

So it's not so much that you have to worry about yourself, you have to worry about your friends. How often do you get a funny picture or screen saver or cute little document from a friend or co-worker? Normally you don't think to scan such an attachment, you just double-click to see what they've sent you. Guess what? You're playing with fire.

This is why you want OUT! to be there to act as the sentry to your email mailbox.

Q: I don't get it. Why do I need another anti-virus package?
A: Another great question. Maybe a recent headline will best provide the answer: 
PC viruses spawn $55 billion loss in 2003

Trend Micro, the world's third-largest antivirus software maker, said Friday that computer virus attacks cost global businesses an estimated $55 billion in damages in 2003, a sum that is expected to increase this year.

Companies lost roughly $20 billion to $30 billion in 2002 from the virus attacks, up from about $13 billion in 2001, according to various industry estimates.

So the question is: if the anti-virus programs you have are so good, how come people are still getting burned by viruses? Because the current solutions cannot protect you from unknown programs. Everything new is unknown.



We invite you to look around the site. Understand the problem and understand our solution. Viruses effect everyone. There are now over 70,000 viruses and their variants, worms, trojans and whatever other moniker experts can give this unwanted software.

Do you really care whether you have a worm or a virus? The only thing any of us cares about is knowing we can trust the email we're about to open.