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If you have email, you will eventually get a virus

As you read this, virus authors are actively building new tools and programs to infiltrate your computers and infect and corrupt confidential information. Any classified or confidential information in your network that can be infected by a virus can be stolen and emailed to others by that very same virus. Anti-virus companies are frustrated by these new programs because:   "We can't and don't know about a virus until it's been unleashed, until it hits." (Anti-Virus Security Vendor to Congressional Committee)

6 short years ago email attachments represented 9% of infections. More recently they account for an astounding 88% of all infections and that number is growing. With a simple email attachment, millions of computers worldwide and all of their confidential information can be destroyed or stolen in a matter of minutes!

Traditional anti-virus vendors continue to passively treat the transmission of computer viruses by creating a single solution to a single sample. In the time that a virus is discovered, a sample is obtained and the solution is created and distributed, millions of computers worldwide can be (and are) infected. This model of treatment may have been acceptable before the geometric growth of both email and Internet usage but the rapid deployment of the 'SoBig.F' virus and others clearly shows that this is an ineffective approach.

it's time for innovation..

For 12 years we have approached the solution from a different angle: what if you could summarize the behaviors of malicious software into categories? What if you then built software to accept or reject software based on those categories? Then no matter what new problem software came along you'd be protected. This is the essence of a behavior-based solution. Come see how it works

This is a new -more effective- solution to protect you and your family against the threat of email-borne viruses. No more software to overburden and slow down your computer with. No more worries for you or your family accidentally clicking on an infected email attachment.

OUT! is a behavior-based solution that attacks and detects viruses at their very core. When your email attachment arrives at our OUT email servers, it is sent to a special PC for testing.  The heart and soul of this innovation is that our special PC is attacked and gets completely infected. There is no guesswork here when we analyze this dirty PC.

If it fails any of our tests, it is stripped from your email. Your email arrives without the dangerous attachment and you are alerted to the fact that someone tried to send you a bad attachment.

So you can wait for that email attachment to infect you, spend several days trying to recuperate, agonize over lost photos and documents or you can sign up for OUT now.

Click here to see why even with the latest and greatest security software, you're still not safe.

Think about this: if today's solutions are so good that they are worth spending billions on, why is there still a huge problem?

The answer is: today's software is quite good but it has very obvious and dangerous flaws and limitations. Today's anti-virus software must wait for a virus to be invented before they can go about solving the problem (see the comment in red above and click here). But taking this approach allows viruses to run rampant for an indeterminate amount of time before a solution is found, released and installed on everyone's computer. You want a pro-active solution, not a re-active solution!

OUT! goes at the problem at its very core: check each email attachment's behavior, if they behave badly, don't deliver them.

OUT! is an email guardian service that effectively protects your home PC (or PCs or even an entire enterprise's network) from malicious email attachments. OUT! is an action-based solution, a secure hardware/software cure that can block malicious software from entering a computer via email.

This product will stop both existing and future problematic (or rogue) programs.  No valuable computer time is spent scanning for any of the 65,000 known viruses. OUT! creates a malicious software-friendly environment and encourages ugly behavior or actions. It induces viruses to replicate and email others, it induces programs to delete files, destroy data, steal passwords, etc.  It does all this in the safety of a carefully-designed computer intended to be destroyed.

It does all this before the virus can get to you.

Once any of these types of actions occur, OUT! immediately removes the file and quarantines a copy of it for further analysis.  

How does it work?

We invite you to look around the site. Understand the problem and understand our solution. Viruses effect everyone. There are now over 70,000 viruses and their variants, worms, trojans and whatever other moniker experts can give this unwanted software.

Do you really care whether you have a worm or a virus? The only thing any of us cares about is knowing we can trust the email we're about to open.