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OUT!! is a new way of preventing viruses from getting into your computer via email.

Why do you need another anti-virus program?

You do. You definitely do. And this isn't just another anti-virus program. It's a whole new way of tackling the problem. Just take a quick look at the facts: Over 90% of PCs are protected by some sort of anti-virus type program, yet estimates range as high as $55 billion dollars were lost by businesses and families last year alone due to viruses.

Today's anti-virus software is good but it has serious limitations. Today's anti-virus software -for the most part- must wait for a virus to be invented before it can stop it. But taking that approach allows viruses to run rampant for some indeterminate amount of time before a solution is found, released and installed on everyone's computer.

OUT! goes at the problem at its very core: check for an attachment's behavior, if it doesn't look right, kick it OUT!!

I don't get it. How does it work? What makes OUT! so different?

As your email is on its way to your mailbox, it takes a detour to our guardian service, where it is run through a series of tests. If it passes all the tests, it gets sent to you. If it fails a test (that is, the email contains a dangerous attachment), the attachment is removed and the email is sent on to you with a note telling you we stripped the attachment off for your protection.

That's it? This sounds too easy!

That's it. This is how you want your protection to work: simply, easily with no burdensome software to install, and even better no constant need for updates.

OUT! doesn't need to install any software on your computer. So it won't effect the way you use your computer, no more slow downs, no more costly installations, no more hassles when trying to install other software.

What do I have to do?

Because OUT! doesn't live on your computer, there is no installation, no updates, no worries. When you're ready to sign up, you simply send us a few details about your email service and we take it from there. You will have to let you ISP (Internet Service Provider) know you would like to have your email forwarded to us. Don't worry we will send you an email with all the instructions laid out very simply.

 What you want is:
- Peace of mind when receiving emails
- No worries when opening an email
Good riddance to these awful things called viruses, worms, trojans, etc.

What you get is a service:
- that doesn't interfere with your computer
- that blocks emails BEFORE they get to your computer, laptop or handheld
- that doesn't need constant updating

Order OUT! now for peace of mind!

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what can be infected can be emailed

what can be corrupted can be stolen

what can be invaded can be compromised

We invite you to look around the site. Understand the problem and understand our solution. Viruses effect everyone. There are now over 70,000 viruses and their variants, worms, trojans and whatever other moniker experts can give this unwanted software.

Do you really care whether you have a worm or a virus? The only thing any of us cares about is knowing we can trust the email we're about to open.